The old adage that prevention is better than cure is particularly fitting when it comes to the delicate eye area. A little bit of pre-emptive TLC before any signs of ageing set in is far friendlier to the face (and wallet) than resorting to the services of a surgeon to smooth out crow's feet and erase fine lines once the damage is done.

Serums are the stuff of wonder – easily absorbed, they get to work fast, and while richer creams may produce a more plumping effect, they can sit on the skin and cause break-outs, irritation and even milia.

To the cynical, anti-ageing products can seem like so much snake oil, but lavishing a bit of extra attention, and moisture, on this problem area is time well spent.

1. Eye lift, £48,

2. Advanced night repair eye serum, £45, Estée Lauder, 0870 034 2566

3. Fast response eye cream, £22, MAC,

4. B Engergised eye cream, £8.99,

5. Peptide repair eye cream, £18, Sanctuary,

6. Repairwear laser focus, £28, Clinique,