Style shrinks: Our experts analyse David Oyelowo's box-of-tricks dinner suit


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The shirt

Rebecca Gonsalves: A tux might seem the simplest of evening-wear equations, but by omitting the dicky bow, this whole outfit looks smooth rather than starchy.

Mike Higgins: I quite agree: the dinner suit is often a cruel joke in which the poor chap sweating away in it is the punchline.

The facial hair

Rebecca: Remember when beards were weird? The full-on folk-singer style is thankfully on its way out and stubble is much more appealing.

Mike: Mr Oyelowo does look spiffy. But beware the trimmed three-day shadow look of the bored Premiership star!

The shoes

Rebecca: An impressive high shine, like the rest of this polished ensemble. Mike: Look closer… those are mirrored toe-caps! Only a churl would say that this outfit is gimmicky.

The jacket

Rebecca: The lining shows the lyrics to one of Martin Luther King's favourite songs – homage and handy conversation starter in one.

Mike: Oyelowo is, of course, playing MLK in 'Selma' – so this jacket lining is perhaps where 'the method' meets fashion. Bravo.