Green goddess: Ruth Wilson attends the Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles / Getty Images


The make-up

Rebecca Gonsalves: The girl gives great brow – surely those arches should be receiving a best supporting award.

Mike Higgins: When she won her surprise Golden Globe last Sunday, I hear she raised both eyebrows and took out a lighting gantry. I love them.

The hair

Rebecca: Can you hear that? It's the sound of brides-to-be around the world adding this romantic up-do to their Pinterest boards for inspiration.

Mike: Shades of Veronica Lake, no? For the lady is most certainly a vamp.

The jewellery

Rebecca: An eclectic mix of rings shows the actress is keeping it real – although perhaps a bit too 'three for a fiver down Camden Market' real for the red carpet.

Mike: Never mind the rings: this ensemble feels incomplete without a very dry Martini and a very long cigarette.

The dress

Rebecca: The green goddess lives again; a beautiful Prada column is the perfect shade to complement Wilson's gimlet eyes.

Mike: No-nonsense, geometric, sharp, quite 1940s – a film-noir outfit for a femme-fatale gaze.