Style shrinks: Our experts analyse Lady Gaga's latest power move


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The Jumper

Rebecca Gonsalves: An angora polo neck in late summer shows real commitment to the fashion cause (and hopefully an efficient deodorant).

Hugh Montgomery: What Joan Collins and Linda Evans used to wear when they had sniffles on the 'Dynasty' set.

The shades

Rebecca: Making up for her self-imposed hiatus from public life, those retro aviators will come in handy to shield the paps' flashbulbs.

Hugh: The shades are good, but the hair's better. We're picking up early Linda Evangelista vibes.

The belt

Rebecca: By the power of GoldBelt, she is… Lady Gaga!

Hugh: She makes cinching look a cinch. See what we did there?

The shoes

Rebecca: These boots were made for stomping – right back to the top of the charts if the Little Monsters have their way.

Hugh: Obviously we don't want to stoke the fires of pop tribalism, but: you may have got the number one last month, but you will never look this fierce, Katy Perry!