Simple style: Lara Stone at the GQ Men of the Year Awards / Rex Features


The dress

Rebecca Gonsalves: It's brave to go simple when everyone else is trussed up like a Christmas turkey. The mirrored details will have captivated the narcissists.

Mike Higgins: Ah yes, the GQ Awards, where chaps are chaps and ladies are lay-deez. This, by comparison, is positively ascetic.

The hair

Rebecca: Artfully mussed – the red-carpet ponytail is a world away from the "haven't washed it in three days, pass the dry shampoo" style that most mere mortals manage.

Mike: I had a red-hair ponytail once. Enough said. But who needs a do with cheekbones like these?

The jewellery

Rebecca: Thanks to those supersize disco sequins, jewellery is basically built into Stone's dress, so a low-key bracelet is the perfect finishing touch.

Mike: A sparkly bit of punctuation on Lara's impressively Amazonian arm.

The shoes

Rebecca: Fashion's a funny thing: many shoes are so ugly they're beautiful, but these are too boring to tick either box.

Mike: I've got it: David Walliams dared her to dress in one minute, and she only had five seconds to choose her shoes.