Style shrinks: Our experts analyse Madonna's latest attempt at sartorial splendour


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The hair/make-up

Rebecca Gonsalves: Peroxide ringlets, alabaster skin and rouged lips recall her Blonde Ambition heyday – but where's the beauty spot?

Hugh Montgomery: Retro waves and a look of faint uncertainty make for easily the best Madge reinvention this month.

The shoes

Rebecca: Are those platform spats I see? You've got to hand it to Her Madgeness – when she goes for a look she really goes for it.

Hugh: I am christening these "bovver brogues". Message: "Don't mess."(As if we needed reminding.)

The outfit

Rebecca: Madonna does Marlene, can it get any more fabulous than that? When you factor in that it's a Tom Ford monkey suit it can.

Hugh: Hang on, strike a pose, Madonna may be attending a screening of her new documentary, but she's only gone and dressed as an Oxford college-drinking society member.

The accessories

Rebecca: While one filigree gold and crystal fingerless glove is a good look, two would obviously be camping it up too far.

Hugh: This glove represents why we love her. Always.