Bondage-style briefs and a pair of nipple pasties aren't giving Miley much structural support / Getty Images



Rebecca Gonsalves: With a directional short back and sides, Cyrus has totally shed her squeaky clean tween image.

Hugh Montgomery: The punk hair is softening. We need a 3,000-word essay on the significance of this vis-à-vis Western gender relations now!


Rebecca: The sleeves of a yeti suit, the string vest from Onslow of 'Keeping up Appearances' and a neck brace from A&E – was this cobbled together as part of some bizarre scavenger hunt?

Hugh: Amid all the 1990s nostalgia, few have picked up on the "Camden Palace Happy Hardcore Rave" thread. So well done, Miley.


Rebecca: It's reassuring to see that bovver boots remain the ultimate footwear for rebellious young things – though most can't quite stretch to Chanel when it comes to stomping out of a room.

Hugh: These boots are made for twerking. (Cheap, but we had to get it in there somehow.)


Rebecca: Bondage-style briefs and a pair of nipple pasties aren't going to give much structural support – but she has her legions of adoring fans for that.

Hugh: She appears to be exercising the right of being a multimillionaire pop star: that you can wear pasties and get away with it.