'Pulsating migraine of an ensemble': Miley Cyrus at New York Fashion Week / Rex Features


The jewellery

Rebecca Gonsalves: Cyrus introduced her 'art' at New York Fashion Week, including this necklace, which seems to be cobbled together from the tat her teenage fans send her.

Mike Higgins: My jewellery knowledge begins and ends with loom bands. So I think her bangles and whatnot look ace.

The hat

Rebecca: While tilting your titfer at a jaunty angle helps style it out around the Christmas dinner table, this pointy party number is beyond redemption.

Mike: Carmen Miranda's precocious cousin is most certainly "a look". Do not, however, hold the front page.

The trousers

Rebecca: Unexplainably ugly trousers which look like they could unravel with a tug of the bow – perhaps for a quick change into twerking mode later.

Mike: Never mind what I think of her trews – what do Plant and Page think of her cover of 'Babe I'm Gonna Leave You'?

The shoes

Rebecca: I don't know what shoes would go with this pulsating migraine of an ensemble, but this pair of heeled boxing boots isn't the answer.

Mike: A pair of large angry wasps disguised as trainers. But they mean well, I think.