Suits you: Naomie Harris steps out in Alexander McQueen / Rex Features


The jacket

Rebecca Gonsalves: While eschewing a top is certainly sexy, I can't help but worry that Naomie will get a chill on her kidneys.

Mike Higgins: This is a look I think a red-blooded male could reclaim: debut it at the office Christmas party and ignore the titters of envy.

The bag

Rebecca: This pattern is something of a Rorschach test, isn't it? What do you see? If you answered Redrum, seek help!

Mike: Nothing more bulky in that bag than an Oyster card and a stiffie invite. Quite right, too, with an outfit as sharp as this.

The shoes

Rebecca: The daintiest hint of a ballerina detail in the strapping ensures these jazzed-up courts are really en pointe.

Mike: Worn with the élan of a woman who knows that the complexion of her upper foot matches that of her face.

The trousers

Rebecca: I love the band of tangerine at the hem – but is such a high waist combined with a revealing jacket a bit Victor Meldrew?

Mike: My bin men love a bit of fluoro trim at the hem – but in their case the lower waistline promises more than it delivers at 8am every Friday.