Style shrinks: Our experts analyse rapper Macklemore's Grammy-winning threads


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The hair

Rebecca Gonsalves: Taking the trend for retro Brylcreemed locks to new heights. Or maybe that should be lows…

Hugh Montgomery: In undercut terms, this is somewhere between Mad Max extra and French exchange student.

The tie

Rebecca: Keeping things classic with an LBD – that's little black dicky-bow, obvs. Anything else would have been too much.

Hugh: Is it self-tie? Now that really would make him more than the new Vanilla Ice.

The little black dicky-bow tie and of rapper Macklemore at the Grammys

The shoes

Rebecca: If nothing else, studded, fringed slippers prove that ridiculously luxurious shoes are an equal-opportunity excess.

Hugh: Is it damning with faint praise to say that this is the most enjoyable male red-carpet look in recent memory?

The shoes of rapper Macklemore at the Grammys

The suit

Rebecca: A teal velvet tux? It's nice to see that male musicians can still be relied upon to peacock their way through awards season.

Hugh: Exactly. Oscar-nominated actors take note: this is how to break up the penguin monotony.