Rihanna's latest look falls under the expert eye of our analysts

The accessories

Rebecca Gonsalves: A camo-print hat and shades say, "Don't look, I'm shy," but the hefty bling suggests she isn't the retiring type.

Hugh Montgomery: RiRi's reconfigured that Madchester classic, the fisherman's hat, by pairing it with a cameo brooch. Next stop: a honking Euro-rave cover of the Roses' "I am the Resurrection"

The T-shirt/jacket

Rebecca: The plastic pac-a-mac's perfect if you're caught in a shower at Alton Towers, but if things heat up those sleeves will get steamy.

Hugh: We'd favour a more esoteric T-shirt idol than RiRi's choice of Mossie: Felicity Kendal, say, or Jason Statham

The shoes

Rebecca: There's not much to say about a pair of box-fresh Converse. Wonder if she has someone to lace each new pair?

Hugh: Those who decry RiRi as a bad "role model" fail to take into account her endorsement of the wicked Converse

The Shorts

Rebecca: Ms Fenty champions bum-baring shorts over the festival trend for maxi dresses. Fingers crossed denim thongs won't be coming to a field near you.

Hugh: More interested in the candyfloss than the cut-offs, tbh. So glad to see that sweets are the new bags