Purple reign: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley / Getty Images


The hair

Rebecca Gonsalves: An impressive amount of root-lift on the model's honeyed locks here – perhaps the red carpet traversed a wind tunnel.

Hugh Montgomery: Stately and nonchalant: it's like she's gunning to be a royal godparent or something.

The jewellery

Rebecca: With such a dazzling motif, keeping the rocks that she's rocking to a minimum was a wise move.

Hugh: Yes, indeed. And despite being the star of a much-hyped Christmas advert, we admire her ability to stave off the reindeer earrings for now.

The make-up

Rebecca: The natural look done Hollywood style just adds to the golden girl's glow.

Hugh: Perfect, obviously. Also this is the exact expression she used in 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon', we think.

The dress

Rebecca: The paradox of needing enough Quality Street wrappers to finish your frock, but not being able to eat any. Pray for Rosie.

Hugh: Very Blackpool dance teacher. Who's maybe a medium on weekends. We like.