Blinged-up goth look: Selena Gomez / Rex Features


The hair/make-up

Rebecca Gonsalves: Glossy chestnut curls and delicate make-up counterbalance the blinged-up goth look on show here

Hugh Montgomery: This 1990s soap-star hair is presumably the subconscious result of afternoons in the cot plonked in front of the'Sunset Beach' omnibus

The accessories

Rebecca: Is that a bindi I see before me? Perhaps she's been taking lessons on effortless offence from on-again off-again boyf the Biebs.

Hugh: Or perhaps it's just that the cultural legacy of Gwen Stefani should never be underestimated.

The outfit

Rebecca: Capes were a huge trend on the catwalks for next season, and this gilded cardigan/cape hybrid is a pretty spangly way of getting the look now

Hugh: Flouncy sleeves have special powers. Fact

The shoes

Rebecca: Russell Crowe called – he wants his gladiator boots back.

Hugh: This is the point at which the reinvention of a Disney tween idol comes to an impasse.