Style shrinks: Our experts analyse Solange Knowles' tribute to a tangerine


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The jacket

Rebecca Gonsalves: This jacket is so beautifully cut it would even look great with the sleeves pushed up à la 'Miami Vice'.

Mike Higgins: It's a catering-sized side of smoked salmon, with pockets. How do you complement that? With hair, a lot of it, infinitely expanding like the universe.

The nails

Rebecca: Drawing the line at 'You've Been Tango'd' nails was a good choice – it doesn't pay to be too matchy-matchy.

Mike: If you turn up to an event as the best-dressed fan of Holland's national football team, you're more than a little matchy-matchy, I'm afraid.

The skirt

Rebecca: This Acne skirt may not have been what her sis Beyoncé meant when she sang 'Bow Down', but if it works it works.

Mike: Not sure about that big knot around her jacket hemline. Is she about to go for a paddle?

The shoes

Rebecca: At a party for Jimmy Choo it would be unwise to wear anything else on your feet; luckily, the brand had a pair that let this tangerine dream continue.

Mike: Sharp jacket, scrunchy skirt, pair of hoopy shoes – Ms Knowles is making the walking satsuma look too easy to pull off. Beware, mortals.