Style shrinks: Our experts analyse the Golden Globe get-up of Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn


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Rebecca Gonsalves: Now this is how you do a seemingly effortless up-do without depleting the ozone layer with hairspray.

Hugh Montgomery: Hair so admirable that it deserves its own facile red-carpet interrogation.


Rebecca: Brave is the lady who stands up against the tyranny of smoky eye shadow on the red carpet.

Hugh: A fresh, woe-free visage and conclusive proof that Anna Gunn is not, in fact, Skyler White.


Rebecca: I guess when you've spun unicorn hair into silk you don't want to waste any – that's the only explanation for the incongruous train on this gorgeous dress.

Hugh: Or could she be hoping to trip up a stray Hollywood Foreign Press Association member in justifiable pique at not being nominated?


Rebecca: Clutching a fancy chocolate box is a good idea – I bet the food at these things is minimal.

Hugh: Yes, good thinking, though, we'd have gone for a banana guard ourselves.