The best face cleansers: Achieve a saintly glow


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Cleanliness may not really be next to godliness, but, with the right cleansing routine, it's easy to achieve a saintly glow.

The hot-cloth cleansing method is one of the best ways to remove make-up and the daily grime, and its results mean those who use it become almost evangelical.

Whatever cleanser you prefer can be put to better use simply by using a hot, damp cloth (I prefer a flannel to a scratchy muslin) to remove it. Rinse and wring out the cloth in hot water to steam-clean your pores and ensure skin is ready to absorb your night-time moisturiser.

Porefinist anti-shine fresh cleansing oil

From £30,

Expensive, but a bottle will last ages even with everyday use. This light oil doesn't strip-mine skin, although it can leave eyes feeling filmy so those with sensitive peepers beware.

Rosa Centifolia hot cloth cleanser


Smells beautiful and is rich without clogging pores, this creamy formula comes with a small cotton flannel which won't stay white for long.


Cleanse & Polish orange flower & chamomile


One of the original and best-known hot-cloth cleansers, this limited-edition version has a lovely spring-like scent.

Camomile silky cleansing oil


Camomile's soothing properties make this a great choice for skin that's prone to irritation and blemishes; removes waterproof make-up, too.

White velvet mousse

£26, Sampar,

This foaming cleanser from French pharmacy brand Sampar exfoliates and clarifies skin, but is gentle enough for daily use.