Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief soothing treatment lotion, £26, Dr Weil for Origins,


Dry, painful, itchy – sensitive skin can be trying enough, not least when the products aimed at those of a more sensitive disposition often have more of a whiff of the medicine cabinet, than the dressing table, about them.

It can be tempting to pare a skincare regime down to the very basics, but there's a growing range of products and brands that caters specifically to such conditions. It's always trial and error with these things, so for first-timers, a discreet patch test is advisable instead of a liberal dousing...

Scent-free shower/bath gel


Made with 75 per cent certified organic ingredients, this foaming gel eschews essential oils and is a great all-rounder that is safe for all the family.

Skin relief with cooling menthol

£7.50, Aveeno,

Inflamed skin is often painfully itchy, too – the colloidal oatmeal in this rich balm will help to comfort, while cooling menthol will soothe the accompanying burn.


Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief soothing treatment lotion

£26, Dr Weil for Origins,

Toners loaded with alcohol and astringents are usually a no-no for sensitive-skin sufferers, but this gentle formulation soothes redness and hydrates.

Instant skin soothing serum


Essential oils can trigger a reaction in some skin types so exercise caution, but prebiotics will build the skin's natural barrier while arnica and camomile calm irritated, angry skin.

Barrier repair


By increasing the skin's natural barrier, this waterless moisturiser can help block irritants in the environment that lead to inflammation.