Volumize leave-in conditioner, Wella System Professional, £14.50, salons nationwide


The higher the hair, the closer to God – so if you're planning on being sinful, adding a bit of volume is one tactic to ensure you remain guilt-free.

Nothing can bring down a party look – and your mood –more quickly than lank, flat hair. Back-combing is a skill best left to those with healthy hair – a brittle and broken bird's nest is not a good look on anyone.

But if you are attempting an up-do, rough drying with a hairdryer will provide a more workable texture, while straightening the tips will ensure the final look is sleek rather than scary.

Powder styler

£6.99, Fudge Urban, Superdrug.com

Shake this fine, scented powder into your palm to increase volume at the roots and add just enough texture to stop your hair from slipping straight out of its style.

Clearly Naked volume shampoo

£2.35, Herbal Essences, boots.com

Fine hair needs some serious attention to give it a boost. Get things started with a shampoo and conditioner from this silicone-, paraben- and colourant-free range.

Volumize leave-in conditioner, Wella System Professional

£14.50, salons nationwide

Designed not to weigh down fine hair, this should be smoothed through clean, towel-dried hair before blow-drying into an impressive bouffant.


Mousse Forte

£10.25, sebastianprofessional.com

Mousse might have gone out of fashion – after all, crispy is a texture best saved for chips – but this modern, strong-hold version is ideal for styling bouncy curls and big waves.

Miracle dry shampoo, Aussie

£1.99, available nationwide

Dry shampoo doesn't just banish greasy roots when you've over-slept – it can add volume, and a welcome hit of freshness when heading out straight after work.