Intensive Skin Treatment Oil, £45.50, Aromatherapy Associates,


Taking care of our skin seems to come naturally in the winter, but it's just as important in the summer when the heat can lead to dehydration and exposure to sun can leave lasting damage.

It seems natural to avoid products with a heavier formulation that can sit on skin and lead to blocked pores and break-outs, but that doesn't mean a routine should be completely abandoned. Now is the perfect time to experiment with facial oil which is far more easily absorbed – and if you do get a bit too much sun, parched skin will be plump again by morning.

Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil

£26, Caudalie,

A bottle of vino may not be the best for your skin, but this French brand uses grape and vine extracts to remarkable effect. This formula for very dry skin contains grape oil, raisin oil, rose and jojoba.

Intensive Skin Treatment Oil

£45.50, Aromatherapy Associates,

Apply to a clean face and neck at night and vitamin E will support stressed-out skin, while lavender will soothe and help you drift off to a peaceful sleep.


Regenerating Aftersun

£9, Nivea Sun, Boots

Even if you don't burn, the sun can stress skin out – keeping a tub of this in the fridge before slathering it on post-shower will help to cool, soothe and repair and keep your tan looking even.

After Sun Replenishing Moisture Care for Face and Décolleté

£26, Clarins,

After-sun products meant for the body can sting and leave the face feeling tight, so it's a good idea to opt for a specialised facial preparation.

Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair

£22.50, Aveda,

Your locks can feel the heat too – this treatment is packed with proteins to strengthen and protect from breakage.