The Fashion Audit: Midnight's children, lightbulb moments and men in tights

What we love, we're not sure about, we're buying and can't wait for...

We love: Midnight's children

Just in time for the big countdown, comes a collection of gowns from New York-based brand Alice + Olivia that will see ensure any pre-New Year's Eve dress anxiety is curtailed. From puffballs to fishtails, silk to sequins each is an elegant and modern choice – you shall go to the ball without the risk of turning into a pumpkin.

From £400,

We're not sure about: Men in tights

Taking style tips from man-child Justin Bieber or that one off of The X Factor is never clever, so here's hoping "meggings" (that's male leggings for the uninitiated) don't catch on. Although rather helpfully, they do identify the wearer as someone to avoid.

We're buying: Lightbulb moment

A novelty idea that actually has a purpose for once, New Cid Cosmetics' latest launch is a collection of 24 nail polishes with a light in the brush – which means you can paint your toenails in front of the TV without putting the "big light" on.


We can't wait for: Check please

It may not seem like it now but winter can't last forever. The just-released ad campaign from Louis Vuitton, shot by Steven Meisel with a set designed by artist Daniel Buren, is a zingy reminder that spring will soon be here.