The Fashion Audit: Steamcream, lights out, Supra footwear and National Pyjama Week

What we love, we're not sure about, we're buying and can't wait for...

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We love: Tin-tin

The ever-changing designs that adorn the tins of Steamcream are just as much a delight as the nourishing lotion within. The brand is searching for arty types to follow in the footsteps of artist Lisa Milroy and design a limited-edition tin.

Until 9 November,

We're not sure about: Lights out

The Audit always thought one was supposed to light up a room with a smile, rather than an LED-adorned, tinsel-strewn Anya Hindmarch clutch. Meanwhile, the one that plays "Jingle Bells" will surely sit in its dust-bag for 11 months of the year.

We're buying: Height of fashion

If you don't ask, you don't get, and proof of that is California brand Supra which has launched hi-tops for women in response to demands from stars such as Rihanna and Heidi Klum, who were fed up of making do with the men's versions.


We can't wait for: Goth girl

Halloween is a few weeks away still, but we're getting into the spirit of things with this skull-embossed cuff, the fruit of a collaboration between jewellery designer Daisy Knights, Fair Trade brand Made and high-street hipsters Urban Outfitters.


We're staying in for: Pyjama party

You may not catch us heading into the office in our PJs in aid of National Pyjama Week (yes, it's a thing apparently) but that doesn't mean we're ignoring the slightly bizarre event entirely – any excuse to invest in some smart new nightwear.