The Fashion Audit: The Jubilee, Anti ant pants, Jo Malone cologne and bikini weather

What we love, we're not sure about, we're buying and can't wait for...

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We love: Jubilations

You can't get far without encountering a Union Jack at the moment, but this Henry Holland number is The Audit's favourite souvenir by far and will polish up one's memorabilia a treat.


We're not sure about: Anti ant pants

Of course nobody wants to get bitten on their derrière, but are insect repellent-infused undies the answer? One brand seems to think so, although the less-than-sexy design may see more than just the local creepy crawlies beating a path from your hotel room door.

We're buying: Everything's rosy

Your flowering border shouldn't be the only thing awash with fragrance come summer. This limited-edition Jo Malone cologne is decadently sweet and smoky thanks to notes of praline and oud, while Damask rose makes it a sultry alternative to Red Roses.

£95, Jo Malone, 0870 034 2411

We can't wait for: Bikini weather

Just because summer seems to finally be on its way, doesn't mean that anyone is actually ready for it. These punchy shades of polish from Eres will help distract from the dauntingly teeny-weeny matching bikini that The Audit is planning to squeeze into.

£15, Eres, 24 Motcomb Street, London SW1, 020 7235 4261

We're drinking: Tea time

A posh pot of tea is all well and good, but skaterboys worth their salt love slurping a builders' brew out of a chunky mug. Be warned, though – this hand-printed Lovenskate pint-size mug's printed internal radness scale is bound to encourage some competitive biscuit dunking.