Christian Louboutin launches £495 nail polish

The luxury footwear brand has launched a special edition of its Rouge Louboutin nail polish, but would you pay for it?

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Christian Louboutin has created a limited edition of its Rouge Louboutin Nail colour adorned with 1,500 Strass crystals.

The designer brand launched its debut beauty range earlier this year with a line of nail polishes first in the red of its iconic shoe soles and later in moody autumn shades, colour pop brights and barely there nudes.

The standard edition of the polishes which come with the same graphic cylinder shape, retail at a far more budget friendly £36.

Starlight is the pricey new crystal embellished edition released just in time for Christmas, of which a limited run of 1000 have been created.

The Strass crystals have been painstakingly applied to the bottle by hand and that kind of attention to detail doesn't come cheap, the nail polish retails at a whopping £495.

For that you also get a pretty impressive box; adorned with red leather Strass flowers - a design borrowed from Louboutin's Pensamoi shoe in the autumn/winter collection.

The nail polish is available to buy on and selected stockists including Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Harrods.

Christian Louboutin at work