Video: David Bowie stars in Louis Vuitton's new advert

Legendary singer David Bowie fronts Louis Vuitton's new advert with supermodel Arizona Muse for the L'invitation au Voyage campaign series

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Britain's legendary singer David Bowie is the protagonist of Louis Vuitton's new advert.

Starring with supermodel Arizona Muse, the 66-year-old takes part in an extravagant Venetian masquerade ball in which he plays a harpsichord as he sings I'd Rather Be High, a song from his latest album, The Next Day.

He recently beat a stylish shortlist that included Beau Brummell and Elizabeth I to become the best-dressed Briton, now he is featured in Louis Vuitton's ad promoting one of his latest songs.

The advert is part of the campaign entitled L'invitation au Voyage, which kicked-off in November last year. It was the French house's first TV ad ever and showed model Muse running through the Louvre before floating off into the skies in a red-and-white striped hot air balloon, the same balloon in which she arrives to Venice's St Mark's Square.

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She enters the grand palazzo and sits next to Bowie as he sings I'd Rather Be High.

The one-minute long video, directed by Romain Gavras, ends when Muse opens her eyes and finds herself in the same ballroom,  but desolate. She grabs her only companion, a Louis Vuitton 'Vivienne' black handbag and sails away in a red sail-boat.

Guess is she might arrive to the next L'invitation au Voyage series on the same boat.