Style file: Toeing the line in sandals

Whether or not you trust the weatherman, it’s time to choose a new pair of sandals to put a spring in your step, says Rebecca Gonsalves

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Brave may be a strange word to link to fashion choices but it takes courage to ignore the naysayers and don the most outlandish and avant-garde of designs, and strength of will to expose parts of your body in a swimsuit.

It takes a serious commitment in the English spring to decide whether or not to risk a day exposing your toes.

Those early morning blue skies may leave you feeling cheerfully optimistic, but grey clouds and drizzle can quickly come rolling on to the horizon.

And that’s without mentioning the arctic air conditioning that some offices embrace from mid-March onwards, whether the weather outside warrants it or not.

Even if it’s too early for a pair of sandals to top your shopping list, you should still be thinking about them at this time of year. After all, fashion’s summer can be frustratingly out of sync with the weatherman’s idea of the season.


So even if you’re not ready to brave getting your tootsies out just yet it’s wise to stock up on sandals now, because before you know it they’ll be gone, with something unhelpful, such as ski boots, filling the shop windows instead.

There’s good news for fans  of comfort as well as style, as the low block heel that was  a standout detail of last summer’s footwear is still  going strong.

Combinations of classic colours and materials – tan leather for example, of which Margaret Howell remains the queen – remain resplendent among high-street offerings.

Embellishment on heels and straps are key looks, too – with a nod to Miu Miu’s gorgeous glitterbug shoes of seasons past and Lanvin and Dolce & Gabbana’s sculptural and ornamented heels for spring/summer.