Forget complicated contraptions because now you can get a drip-free wine bottle / Getty

Wave goodbye to constant bottle-neck wiping 

If you’re a wine lover, chances are you’ve grimaced many-a-time as that post-pour dribble streams down the side of the bottle.

It’s bad news all round, both for your alcohol intake and your white tablecloth but luckily, one biophysicist has the answer.

Forget complicated contraptions or reaching for a napkin every time you pour because now you can get a drip-free wine bottle.

After three years of studying the science of glass bottles, Daniel Perlman from Brandeis University, Massachusetts has solved the dilemma with a specialised lip that catches any drips before they fall.

By observing slow-motion footage of wine being poured, Perlman realised that the liquid drips because glass is hydrophilic and therefore attracts water.

Ceasing the problem at its source, he used a diamond-cutting tool to create a circular groove below the lip of the wine bottle.

Alas, this two millimetre-wide furrow forces droplets to either fall into the glass with the rest of the wine or return to the bottle.

Unfortunately, there’s no news yet on whether the product will reach mass-market but with any luck, constant bottle-neck wiping could soon be a thing of the past.