KFC RIP, or so says Dante Gonzales, aka "Dante Fried Chicken", the New York-based "chef and conceptual artist" who reckons that deep-fried drumsticks hold the key to a better world.

Since quitting his day job in 2007, Mr Chicken (as we assume he'd like to be known) has built a dedicated following of slavish, and slavering fans with pop-up Creole cook-outs at the coolest clubs in the US and Europe and his underground internet cookery show (www.dantefriedchicken.com).

Saturday Morning Kitchen this ain't – each episode features the man himself whipping up treats such as coconut macaroni cheese, crab cakes and, of course, lots of finger-lickin' good chicken in the company of his hip friends from the music world. Santogold, MIA and TV on the Radio are a few of his culinary collaborators so far.

According to DFC, food and music are basic ways to "transcend cultural boundaries". The perfect recipe for peace? As long as there's no fighting over that last chicken nugget.