Pret's Christmas sandwich - where it all began / Pret a Manger

Can anyone challenge Pret a Manger for the crown?

Everyone knows the three most exciting things about Christmas are network premieres, football fixture congestion and turkey sandwiches. While the first two are still some weeks off, the age of the latter is well and truly upon us.

Yes, the festive packet Turkey sandwich, already a ubiquitous sight on Food To Go shelves across the UK, from the humblest deli to the biggest, profit-overstating retail giant. For just a couple of pounds you can enjoy the taste of Christmas in your mouth right now without looking strange, and you're spoilt for choice.

Join me as I laugh in the face of my GP's gluten warning and help you separate the wheat from the (not as good) wheat.


Pret Christmas Lunch - The Pret Christmas Lunch is to the packet Christmas sandwich what Jesus is to actual Christmas. It's where it all began. As usual, this is a satisfyingly crunchy and stately affair, burgeoning with fresh ingredients and lashings of mayo. Incredibly moreish and still the one to beat.

Co-op Turkey and the trimmings - A pleasant, tasty surprise thanks to deliciously tender Turkey and a sage and onion stuffing you'd happily share a pint with. Shows that the simplest, unfussiest sandwiches can excel. This year’s last year’s Greggs.

Greggs Christmas Lunch - Last Christmas, Greggs caused a stir in the Christmas sandwich universe with a marvelous effort that outshone the big boys. This year’s iteration is another handsomely put together treat thick with tender turkey and sausagemeat. A rather awkward relish threatens to spoil the mood but overall this is another strong effort.

Eat Turkey and Cranberry - Enjoyable, chewy slabs of Turkey in a laconic almost apologetic attempt at a sandwich. A bit like the kind you'd make yourself on a wistful Boxing Day morning, which makes it a winner in my book.

The Greggs Christmas sandwich - another strong effort


Waitrose Turkey, Bacon and Cranberry - This hearty effort is a winner on paper and the generous slabs of Turkey are most welcome, but unfortunately the whole package lacks zing. Charming but ultimately quite hollow, like a John Lewis Christmas advert.

Tesco Turkey with all the trimmings - With an abundance of stuffing and cranberry, this 'wich is more like a jam sausage sandwich. Not a complete disaster but eating a bowl of ice cream on a hot beach would be more festive.


Waitrose Wensleydale and Christmas Chutney - It's not often one feels much sympathy for vegetarians but this token meat-free option makes you wonder if they'll know it's Christmas time at all. A tangy disaster.

Boots Turkey Bacon Stuffing and Cranberry - You'll need gallons of eggnog to wash this overly chunky, cold beast down. The sandwich was practically fossilised and might possibly have predated Christmas itself.

Sainsburys Turkey Feast - Eschewing the traditional slice, Sainsburys have opted for some kind of flakey Turkey mince to fill this bready morsel. With pillowy, almost intangible fillings, it's a bit like eating a novelty sock from BHS.

Marks and Spencer Turkey Feast - Another letdown and another example of a sandwich trying too hard. Just because you can put every festive ingredient under the North Star between two slices of bread doesn't mean you should. Chaos.