A screenshot from the website, Look At My Red Fucking Trousers!, which was started by a London blogger on Tumblr


What do people have against those in bold casualwear?

Last year an anonymous London blogger started a briefly popular Tumblr site, Look At My Fucking Red Trousers!, which aimed to chronicle those gents seen  around the capital in red slacks: “If you can’t wear red trousers, you’re better off wearing NO TROUSERS AT ALL,” the blog argued, among pictures of hipsters, rich country folk and braying Henley attendees.

The latest of these sartorial shaming sites takes aim at another maligned social set: rich, white, American college students wearing salmon shorts. The poor saps. White Boys in Salmon Shorts aims to “draw attention to and foster dialogue about the preponderance of white boys in salmon-coloured shorts and their variants, on our campus, as well as places across the country that have been affected”. It’s a worrying development, all right, but at least someone is being vigilant.