Saturday: Spiced Vice, £1.70, Dark Star Brewing, Brighton

Saturday: Spiced Vice, £1.70, Dark Star Brewing, Brighton

The best-known hazy wheat beer (or white beer) in Britain is Hoegaarden, from Belgium. Hoegaarden is spiced with Curaçao orange peels and coriander. This British counterpart also has cumin and possibly pepper. The first encounter is like lemon yogurt, then comes a firm dryness and a crisp finish. Bright gold not "White". 5.0 per cent alcohol by volume.

Sunday: Lavender Honey Light Beer, £2.55, Wolf Brewery, Attleborough, Norfolk

Many other flowers were used before the hop. Lavender suggests a romantic Sunday walk in the country. The floral aroma takes some time to emerge from the glass; delicious when it does: pollen-like, with honeyed, stalky, lemon-pith, dryness. Flavour-packed "Light" beer, at only 3.7 abv.

Any day: Taiphoon, £2.25

Thai flavours are becoming almost as British as Chicken Tikka Masala or Lasagne. A touch of lemon-grass adds spice to this hazy, perfumy, golden ale. From the brewery that discovered the British summer: Hop Back, of Salisbury.

All beers are available at Utobeer in Borough Market or visit or call 020-7207 2725.