The 10 Best scones

Forget the cupcake, nothing beats a traditional tea-time treat. All you need to do is decide if it's jam first or cream...

1. Waitrose Sultanas

90p for six,

Numerous sultanas are interlaced in the chewy dough of this scone, making for a dense treat – it just about manages to stay on the right side of weighty.

2. Bettys Fat Rascal

£7 for four,

Known as "Fat Rascal", this scone is everything and more that its name suggests – they are massive. They are dense and burst with butteriness and a range of textures.

3. Flower Power City Bakery plain

£2.40 for four,

A deliciously plain scone that is light and fluffy. Yummy eaten solo, but also with raspberry jam.

4. Co-op Sultanas

99p for six,

A smaller, tasteful scone packed with sultanas, though not swamped by them. Wrapped in baked goodness, they become even yummier when you consider their price.

5. Marks and Spencer


A chewy cherry scone that leaves a sweet aftertaste. Best eaten without an accompaniment due to its fruity nature. These are great, especially if you have a sweet tooth.

6. Sainsburys Plain

90p for six,

A nice and simple scone; wholly unpretentious, too. Chewy and moist in texture. Most tasty when clotted cream and strawberries act as the filling to a scone sandwich.

7. Fortnum and Mason plain


A plain scone that induced paroxysms of delight at The Independent. Light and moist, this scone is delightful with or without its traditional partners, clotted cream and strawberries.

8. Fortnum and Mason Cheese


Scones don't have to be sweet. These plump, savoury versions are golden, moist and very cheesy. Although they're rich enough to eat on their own, they're better with butter and warmed.

9. Gail's gorgonzola & walnut


The pairing of gorgonzola and walnut may seem like a daring act, but the crunchy texture of walnut with the smoothness of blue cheese is a delicious thing.

10. Peyton and Byrne Raisin


A picture-perfect raisin scone. Wonderfully weighty, it is as tasty as it is filling, with the raisins adding a juicy texture. It's even better with a hunk of butter on it.