New Aga cooker, which owners can control from their laptops or smartphones


You do have to wonder if Aga quite knows who actually buys its cookers.

I mean, the new iTotal Control range – which lets its owner turn it off and on using a laptop or smartphone – sounds totally cool.

Who wouldn't love a hi-tech version of those big émigrés from the 1950s with their bum-warming fronts? But, being your average iPhone-toter (ie 20s-30s and unburdened by a trust fund), I can see a few problems. Could we get it up the stairs to my flat? Would the stairs hold as it went? And, more pertinently, where would I get £9,995 to buy it? That, I suspect, means me and 99 per cent of the population are out. And the other 1 per cent (most of whom probably already have one)? Well, I'm not sure we'll see squire Shenton emailing his cooker after a day out on the hunting field.