Couch potato

2010 Tesco Finest* Gavi

Aromatic with zingy apple flavours, good weight and the lively bite of the cortese grape, this is one of those classic Italian dry whites that goes beautifully with shellfish. Tesco, £5.98, reduced from £7.98, until 30 April

Dinner party

2011 Secano Paico Vineyard Block 3 Sauvignon Blanc

Fragrant sauvignon from Viña Leyda, there's an intense fruit quality that's gooseberryish in Sancerre mould – with a freshness that brings a dry tang. Marks & Spencer, £11.99

Splash out

2007 Sideral, Altaïr

A Bordeaux-style Chilean red: chocolatey opulence, a fresh mint undertone and pristine fruit. Around £16.99, D Byrne (01200 423152), Wood Winters (01786 834894) and Wines of Interest (01473 215752)