Wines of the week: Coyam Emiliana, 2007; La Vieille Ferme, Côtes Du Ventoux, 2009; St Hallett Poacher's Blend, 2008

Terry Kirby selects the best bottles to buy
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Sunday lunch

Coyam Emiliana, 2007

Organic and biodynamic, this fabulously fulsome red from Chile is a blend of mainly Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Carmenère and Merlot. Well-structured and complex, it has layers of flavour which unfold on the palate, with ripe fruits and suggestions of chocolate and pepper. A serious wine that is absolutely the right match for a Sunday roast or a top-class steak. £13.75,

Weekday supper

La Vieille Ferme, Côtes Du Ventoux, 2009

The Perrin brothers produce one of the great-name Rhône wines in the (very expensive) Château de Beaucastel and apply the same quality control to this label, which delivers exceptional value for the price. Medium-bodied, but richly spicy and earthy, it is cheap enough to accompany one of my favourite supper dishes for this time of year – a warming stew of mussels or clams with chorizo and potatoes – but would not disgrace a dinner party. £7.49 (or £5.99 when buying more than two Rhône wines),

Bargain basement

St Hallett Poacher's Blend, 2008

This is a refreshing Barossa Valley blend in which the sharp, clean tones of Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling are softened with a little Semillion. It is very fresh and approachable, with lovely mouth-filling tropical fruit and citrus flavours and is the perfect counterpoint to an oily fish, such as a pan-fried salmon steak. And if it's not quite right for this time of year, you can stock up for spring at its current marked-down price. £5.99 (until 8 February; normally £8.99)