Wines of the week: Valentin Bianchi 'Famiglia Bianchi' Malbec 2010; Ruppertsberger Riesling Kabinett 2012; Vina Albali Rosada Tempranillo

Terry Kirby selects the best bottles to buy

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Sunday lunch

Valentin Bianchi 'Famiglia Bianchi' Malbec 2010

A full-on blast of pure Malbec grapes; massive, luxuriant, smooth flavours of blackcurrants, damsons and some notes of dried fruits, coffee and chocolate fill the mouth and linger on the palate. At 15.5 per cent ABV, savour slowly with rare steak or roast beef. £12.99 (minimum order six bottles),; £12.99 (minimum order 12 bottles),

Midweek meal

Ruppertsberger Riesling Kabinett 2012

Moving from high to low alcohol, this dry, fruity and deceptively full-bodied Riesling from a Pfalz vineyard has an ABV of 10.5 per cent, ensuring that a couple of glasses with a good piece of grilled fish or a pan-fried chicken breast will not give you a headache the next morning. £6.50,

Bargain basement

Vina Albali Rosada Tempranillo

A nicely chilled rosé is the perfect accompaniment to barbecues or just for a refreshing glass after a hard day. So stock up on the bargain offers currently available on this flavoursome Spanish bottle, which stays just the right side of dry to make it perfectly suitable to wash down tapas or pasta. £4, Asda; £4.49, Morrisons; £4.50, Tesco (normally £5.49 to £5.99)