Canned goods: Heinz meanz beanz… and, er, curry and cheese?


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It was a mere three months ago that they were going all posh with a five-bean "update", but now Heinz has abandoned the kidney, pinto, cannellini and borlotti beans in favour of some more down-on-the-farm flavours. The new Heinz Flavoured Beanz range includes Cheddar cheese, fiery chilli, barbecue and curry flavour. Trending managed to track down a can of the curry beans for a taste test yesterday, and they aren't so bad.

The first thing you notice on opening a can is that the goods within look identical to the stuff you put on your toast. The haricot beans still bob along in sauce, which itself looks untroubled by anything other than the usual tomato mix. And what of the taste? It just tastes a bit sweet – the spice being a modest, verging-on-meek, presence. Not bad beans, all told, but korma and madras they most certainly ain't.