Burger chain Byron supports Movember


Every November, burger chain Byron supports Movember, the charity that encourages chaps to grow a moustache and raise money for men's health, specifically raising awareness of prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Byron does this in the way it knows best: with great slabs of beef. During the whole of this month, Byron has on its menu the Movember burger, a plump construction comprised of beef, Cheddar, salted cucumber and a whack of mustard dill dressing, all held within the generous embrace of an outsized sesame-seed bun.

With charity in our hearts, the Trending desk took a stroll to the Byron closest to our offices to sample the burger, 50 pence of which goes to the charity. The verdict? Broadly positive. It was likened to "an oversized Big Mac", it was "cheesy in the best way" and "bloody big". Only the salted cucumber came in for criticism. That and the fact that its size meant the year-round moustache-wearer is in danger of eating their lunch, or bits of it at least, until bedtime. Still, much more civilised to go and eat a charity burger than run the risk of growing a tache and looking like a fish finger has been deposited on your top lip, as happened to one colleague last year.