KFC's fried chicken pizza is the latest tragedy to hit pizza

It's initially only available in the Philippines

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Ungodly things have been happening to fast food staples lately in the name of easy PR.

Burger King is turning its burgers into every colour on the spectrum, Pizza Hut has invented a Doritios crust and now KFC is turning to covering its chicken in pineapple and pepperoni.

This week it launched the lazily named 'Chizza', which involves a crust and base made out of chicken with toppings being loaded on top.

"Thick crust, thin crust. Don't think about it. We have our chicken as the pizza crust," it wrote on Twitter.

As ever with these things, it's only available in a specific region, in this case the Philippines, though there is room for it to move to the US or UK if demand is high.

KFC has gone utterly bonkers with its promo over the last year, also creating a fried chicken keyboard and fried chicken USB stick.