KFC launches fried chicken USB stick

Computer accessories created to entice Japanese Twitter users

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In its continuing mission to make Kentucky fried everything by 2020, KFC has created a range of chicken-themed hardware including a keyboard, mouse and grossly impractical USB stick.

The deep-fried accessories are part of a social media promotion for the restaurant in Japan, with one winner being selected to receive each of these prizes – yes, follow KFC on Twitter for a novelty USB stick, that's the world we live in now!

It follows a similar drive by the fast food chain in the US which saw it market fried chicken corsages ahead of prom season.

The whole thing is obviously a stupid PR stunt, but the webpage for it is worth glancing over if just to see how joyful/constipated Colonel Sanders looks in Japan.

kfc 3.JPG
The KFC keyboard

kfc 4.JPG
The KFC mouse

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