Cep salad with buffalo ricotta

Serves 2
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70g/21/2oz buffalo ricotta cheese (or soft goats' cheese)

50g/11/2oz fresh ceps (porcini) or other mushrooms, sliced

Handful radicchio and chicory leaves or other bitter leaves

1 tablespoon Tuscan olive oil

8 borage flowers

4 marigold flowers

Spread out a sheet of clingfilm on a board and brush with oil. Roll the cheese into a cylinder about 20cm long, and chill for five minutes in deep freeze to firm up.

Take another piece of clingfilm and scatter with petals of borage and marigold. Roll cylinder of cheese across them until they stick, and wrap into cylinder. Do not chill, but set aside.

Lightly sautée the ceps in oil. Arrange on plate, heaped with the bitter leaves, brushed with oil. Finally, cut the cheese in half and unroll.