Doughnut peaches with Parmesan and balsamico

Serves 4
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I served this dish at a dinner party one night, because I had some of these flat peaches to use up as well as some Parmesan, aged balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, all of which came from the the Fresh Olive Company after I made a trip to Italy with George Bennell.

6 doughnut or flat peaches
80-100g Parmegiano Reggiano
1tbsp or so of aged balsamic vinegar
1tbsp or so of extra virgin olive oil

Halve the peaches; remove the stone and break them into quarters.

Arrange on plates, then with a peeler shave the Parmesan into thin slices.

Spoon a little balsamic vinegar over the peaches and arrange the Parmesan over.

Finish with a little olive oil and black pepper.