Ewe's milk blue cheese and purslane salad with honey

Serves 4
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While I was having breakfast at the lovely Copsa Mare Guesthouse (copsamare.ro) just outside of Biertan, we tasted some fabulous, slightly salty, ewe's milk blue cheese. No one knew where it was made or what it was even called, so I was unable to find any information about its provenance – just use your favourite blue cheese for this dish.

Likewise, I found this purslane growing wild in the guesthouse garden. Purslane is an annual succulent which can be eaten like salad or spinach leaves – but if you can't get hold of it, you can use any small tasty salad leaves.

A handful of purslane or small salad leaves, washed and dried
150-180g blue cheese
2tbsp clear honey
A few chives cut into 4-5cm lengths

Arrange the salad leaves on serving plates, then break the cheese into nuggets and arrange on the leaves. Spoon the honey over the salad and serve with the chives scattered over.