Pomegranate with blood oranges and dates

Serves 6
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Though it's merely fruit sliced and served without adornment, this is nevertheless a lovely combination. The sticky, indulgent flavour of the dates mixed with a little juice from the blood oranges creates a delightful caramel-y sauce. If possible, the dates should be Medjool.

6 blood oranges
6 dates
The seeds of 1 pomegranate

Slice off the top and bottom of each blood orange with a small, sharp knife, then lay them on their side and run your knife down to remove the rest of the skin. It is important that as much pith as possible is removed.

Now slice each orange into eighth-of-an-inch-thick pinwheels. Arrange the slices on a plate.

Remove the stones from the dates and slice into quarters lengthwise.

Now tap the pomegranate gently all over with a rolling pin to loosen the seeds then slice in half and shake out all the seeds. Use this method for each of these recipes.

Scatter the seeds over the blood oranges, lay the dates alongside. Serve.