Preserved lemons

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These lemons are so easy to prepare and will last unrefridgerated for up to a year. Once they are well rinsed, they can be used in slow-cooked dishes, salads and all sorts of dressings.

1 large jar
10 unwaxed lemons

Enough coarse salt to pack the lemons tightly into the jar

Rinse the lemons well under running water then pat dry. Slice into quarters, though leave them attached at the top – they should look a little like opened magnolia flowers.

Pack an inch or so of salt at the base of the jar then add three or so lemons.

Add more salt and repeat the process until all the lemons are packed in tightly.

Finish with salt and press down the lid. Place in a cool dark place – they will last a long time, but it is important that you allow 30 days before they are ready to eat.