Serves 4

Puntarelle is a member of the chicory family and it can be quite bitter. But it makes a great salad– just soak it in iced water and it will lose some of its bitterness.

1 head of treviso, trimmed and washed
8-10 florets of puntarelle, soaked in iced water for 30 minutes
1 blood orange, segmented and juice reserved
2-3tbsp olive oil
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
60g pecorino

Thinly slice the heads of puntarelle with a sharp knife or on a mandolin.

Whisk the orange juice and olive oil together and season.

Toss the puntarelle, treviso and orange segments with the dressing, season and arrange on a serving dish.

Thinly shave the pecorino with a knife or peeler and scatter on top.