Soul Summer Cup

Serves 4
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The idea of a spiced, gin-based fruit cup has been around in England for 300 years. For this recipe we have explored the nether reaches of the average liquor cabinet to produce a wonderfully refreshing Pimm's alternative.

100ml gin
60ml sweet vermouth
60ml Campari
20ml Cointreau
40ml fresh lemon juice
2 dashes angostura bitters
500ml good quality lemonade or ginger ale

Take a two-pint pitcher, half fill with ice and add the garnish fruits. These should be lemon, lime, orange, apple, cucumber, strawberries and mint, but anything else goes! Add the alcoholic ingredients and stir; fill up the pitcher with ice and add the lemonade. Serve in chilled glasses and (depending on your generosity) with fruit forks.