Tofu Dumpling with Grilled Girolles recipe by Koya Bar's Shuko Oda


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1 block of tofu
10g dried kombu  10g (1/2 sheet)
5 dried shiitake mushrooms
60ml soy sauce
60ml cooking sake
4 handfuls of girolles

Start by draining excess water out of the tofu. Wrap the tofu in a cloth and weigh down with a flat surface (e.g. chopping board) on the bottom and tins on top. Leave in fridge overnight or 6 hours.

Give the dried Kombu and Shiitake a quick wash, and let them soak for 30 minutes in 300ml water.

Take the kombu and shiitake out, cut the kombu in bite-size width and slice them finely (the soaked water from this will make a great stock).

Cook the kombu and shiitake in soy sauce and sake until juice is reduced, and let  cool down to room temperature.

Clean the Girolles well with a brush, and chop 1 handful, and leave the rest as is.

Heat frying oil (e.g. peanut oil is my favourite), enough to cover the dumplings, to 180 degrees in a deep pan

Grind the tofu well in a mortar, add the kombu and shiitake mixture, chopped girolles and a pinch of salt. Mix well and form this into 3 small bun shapes.

Slide them into the oil, and take out after 3 minutes

Season the girolles lightly with salt, sahsho peppers (if you have any), a drop of sesame oil and grill for 2 min, flipping sides in between

To serve, place each of the dumplings on a plate and top them with the girolles.