Tomatoes and crab on toast / Jason Lowe

Serves 4

A slice of hot buttered toast with juicy, ripe tomatoes is a pleasurable and simple snack – transform it into a thing of luxury by topping it with freshly-picked crab meat.

4 slices of white or brown bread
4 large ripe tomatoes
1tbsp rapeseed or olive oil
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
2 tbsp of cooked brown crab meat
1 tbsp chives
4-5 tbsp cooked white crab meat

Cut the tomatoes into slices ½cm thick, and put to one side. Toast the bread, cut about 1cm thick, and spoon over a little olive oil.

Arrange the slices of tomato on each piece of toast, then spoon the brown crab down the centre and spoon the white on top.

Season the crab lightly, spoon over a little more oil and scatter with the chopped chives.