'It's ridiculous, totally inconvenient but delicious'

Food blogger The Vulgar Chef specialises in meals that are so wrong they're right. And his beer can holder made from pizza is no exception. 

Kyle Marcoux, who proudly uses the hashtag #eatlikesh** alongside his food posts, made the pepperoni-studded “koozie” to mark National Pizza month in the US.

“I got to thinking...whats the most absurd and inconvenient thing I can make using common pizza ingredients? A saxaphone? A tire swing? F*** it ... a beer koozie,” he wrote alongside the video on YouTube. 

He promises viewers that the recipe is “Ridiculous, totally inconvenient but still delicious.”

To make the koozie, he sprinkles a square pizza base with pepperoni and mozzarella. He then folds the pastry, garnishes with more pepperoni and rolls it around a beer can to give it a curved shape.

Instead of slathering the base with tomato sauce, he rips and dips the pizza instead. 

His other leftfield creations include a giant mac 'n cheese stuffed tortilla chip, tacos made using spaghetti, spicy cheese churros, and “pizza stuffed pizza with pizza on top.” 

And you can sniff all you want at Marcoux’s bizarre creations, but his imaginative cooking has won him over 144,000 followers on Instagram.