The 10 best travel clocks


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1. Casio PQ-10D


All-singing, all-dancing clocks are fine if you're in a jungle, but unnecessary in Brittany for the weekend. Casio's travel clock is cheap, slim and easy to set.


2. Oregon Global Radio-Controlled Projection


Say goodbye to dim mornings in hotels when you can't find the light. Just tap a button and this clock projects the time on the ceiling.


3. Movado Round


Swiss maker Movado has been making travel clocks since 1881. This one comes with a stainless steel travelling case and has a 1930s-style museum dial face.


4. Roger Lascelles Leather


What the Lascelles travel clock lacks in whizz-bang features, it makes up for in style. It has a classical 1930s face and a pretty, practical leather travelling case.


5. Lexon Radio Controlled


Lexon's lovely offering features a lateral pivot stand, so you can angle it towards your head, a temperature gauge and calendar, and it comes in a funky aniseed green.


6. Precision Global Radio Controlled


The clever, compact Precision Global picks up radio signals from Britain, Germany, Japan and the US and sets itself to local time.


7. Thomas Lyte Grenville Arabic


If you're a frequent visitor to the Middle East, it's worth a look at the Grenville Arabic. It's charming, with two faces – one with Western and one with Arabic numerals.


8. Radio-Controlled Water


Banish battery worries with this curvy, backlit LED alarm, which runs on tapwater. Be warned though, all that clever technology makes it a tad on the chunky side.


9. John Lewis


This clock packs quite a punch when it comes to features. Along with a back-lit display and extra-loud alarm, it features a calendar and an in-built temperature gauge.


10. Mondaine


If you like a ticking clock, check out Mondaine's, designed to look like Hans Hilfiker's famous Swiss railway clock. Also, the hands and numbers glow in the dark.